Giving Back on the 4th of July

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Hello, SharingCounts community! We’ve been donning our red, white, and blue colors for this Thursday, but we also know that the 4th of July is much more than a few stars and stripes. In honor of our country’s Independence Day, we’ve decided that there is no better way to celebrate than to give back, and help others. We stumbled across a few great things for you guys about what you can do on the 4th to show everyone what this country is all about. Don’t worry – They all will still allow you to attend your favorite barbecue and have some good ol’ quality family time!

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First, we’d like to mention two New England area races that will allow you (and your children) to run either just for fun, in celebration of our country, or give you an opportunity to fundraise for a cause you care about! The first race will take place around the Plymouth 4th of July Parade. Plymouth’s Independence Day 5K begins at 8am and is for all ages. You will be given either a red, white, or blue shirt if you participate. The second race takes place in Hingham at 7am, the Hingham July 4th Road Race. This community race expects anywhere from 2,300 runners to 2,500 runners, and is also a good time for your entire family. Both races have their own websites that you can check out for more details – Remember, they provide a great opportunity to raise money for the things that matter most to you!

If you’re not a runner, we found an fantastic article that gives great ideas on other ways you can give back on the 4th of July. released a special post entitled, “Fireworks and Philanthropy – Volunteer Opportunities for the 4th of July,” and we’d like to highlight their options for you! The following are excerpts from the article:

  • “Send a care package to a soldier stationed in the Middle East through The Hugs Project or donate your gently used mp3 players or monetary contributions to The Silver Star Families of America, which funds and assists injured, ill, and dying troops.”
  • “Lend a helping hand to these families today, whether by inviting your neighbors to a backyard barbecue or making a donation to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children, which helps military and veteran families find positive change in times of crisis.”
  • “Look into organizations like the Project on Government Oversight, a nonpartisan, independent nonprofit that champions government reform.”
  • “Preserve a vital part of America’s history with the Civil War Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving Civil War battlegrounds and educating the public about the important role these lands played in shaping our country.  Support efforts to educate our next generation of leaders in a socially responsible way, such as Operation Understanding DC’s mission to build a community of young leaders who work to eradicate racism, anti-Semitism, and discrimination.”
  • “Search your zip code on to find charities and nonprofits close to home that may be hosting special Independence Day events or browse to find out what you can do to volunteer for your local festivities.”
We hope you all have an amazing holiday! Don’t forget to visit SharingCounts to support your own fundraising ideas and desires.

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