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On Wednesday, April 9th, Boston firefighters worked hard to eliminate a two-alarm fire at 52 Thomas Park in South Boston. Only one firefighter and one resident reported injuries, but the apartment building took a toll.

The fire at 52 Thomas Park. Source:

The untold side of this tragic incident deals with what happened to the residents of those homes. Friends of Kerry Cannon is a campaign to help Kerry, one of the residents, gain back what she lost in the fire:

Kerry Cannon

As you may or may not know, there was a two alarm fire in South Boston at 52 Thomas Park.  Ablaze of fire was shooting through the rear of the four story family building… which happend to be Kerry’s home.  The good news was that no one was hurt, but much was lost.  Please help us rally to help our very good friend Kerry through this diffucult time. Any donation is very much appreciated.

Please consider making a donation to help Kerry today, or start your own fundraising campaign at!

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